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My 2004 AWD Ford Territory
My beast..

2004 AWD TX

275/40 x 20 Wheels and Tyres
Pedders lowered springs
LPG vapour Injection.
Hayman Reese Towbar
FPV Dash and Premium Sound.

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Radiator and Trans Cooler upgrade.

Relocated the standard trans cooler and welded AN-6 fittings on to it, fitted 50mm thick full alloy radiator, replaced cooler lines with aeroflow braided hose and P Clamps to mount.
Used Aeroflow reusable fittings for all connections.
Made brackets for new cooler and fan, wired fan to Radiator fans, put holes into inner guard to get the heat away from cooler.
Removed Spot lights so trans cooler gets air from the drivers side and fed the passenger side spot light to the air cleaner box for cold air intake.

I only removed trans, as it was fried and needed replacing.

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