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  Ford I6 Barra Motors USA
Posted by: admin - 25-11-2018, 09:36 AM - Forum: Sell - No Replies

We import the famous Barra Engine to USA and Canada, to find out more go to.

All In One Motorsport USA

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  iRacing on PC
Posted by: ModchipMan - 15-08-2018, 08:41 PM - Forum: Events, Cruises, and Meets - No Replies

Come and join us on PC iRacing.

iRacing Link

[Image: Dat-Box.png]

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  Hello Everyone!!!
Posted by: Siya - 14-06-2018, 10:00 PM - Forum: General Discussion - Replies (1)

Hello Everyone.
Myself Siya 
Forum is where you can get answer to any kind of questions with different thoughts in it.
Anybody here to welcome me.



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  Snort Performance
Posted by: admin - 05-10-2017, 05:47 PM - Forum: Snort Performance - No Replies

Pictures & Info coming..
Turbo Kits and Parts

Link to our website Snort Performance

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  Front Bumper & Headlight Removal 2006 TX AWD
Posted by: ModchipMan - 27-09-2017, 02:01 PM - Forum: Workshop - Replies (2)

You need to remove the bumper outer and inner to remove the headlights.

Tools Required:
[Image: tools.png]

Stubbie Philips Head Screwdriver
8mm Deep Socket plus short extension bar
10mm Socket
Stanley Knife
Plastic solid flat tool.

Best way to get these screw clips out, is use a knife under the screw edge to lift while you undo the plastic screw with a screw driver.
If that fails then just cut them off and replace them, ebay has them for sale.
[Image: clipout.png]

First remove the Grill 2x plastic screw clips one on each side, left the grill out

[Image: grill.png] 

Now remove the front lower stone tray, 3 x plastic screw clips

[Image: stonetray.png]

Pull it down at the back to release the clips into bumper bar
[Image: stonetray2.png]
Then slide forward and off.
[Image: trayoff.png][Image: trayoff2.png]

Now remove lower under tray with 13 x 8mm headed self tapping screws.
[Image: undertray.png][Image: undertray2.png]

Now remove 2 x plastic screw clips and 1 x self tapping screw from each side in the wheel arch.
[Image: arch.png]
then peel back the inner liner so you can get your hand in
[Image: arch2.png]
unclip the bumper ends  with a plastic tool so you dont damage the paint
[Image: bumclips.png][Image: bumclips2.png]

In the inner guards where you peeled back liner there is 1 x 8mm bolt and 1 x 8mm nut on a long thread so you need a deep socket here.
[Image: bumbolts.png][Image: bumbolts2.png]
It should move away a bit at the bottom now
[Image: bumper.png]

Now remove the clips at the top of the bumper one on each side.
[Image: grill.png]

and the bumper outer cover should slide off.
[Image: gone.png]

Now the inner bumper is easy just 1 x 10mm nuts and  x 10mm bolts on each side
[Image: reo.png][Image: gone2.png]

The head lights have 4 bolts 2 on top and 2 on the bottom. The 2nd pic is why you have to remove bumper to get headlights out.
[Image: light.png][Image: light3.png][Image: light2.png]

Let the headlight hang out to get to the light bulb connectors.
Squeeze them in on the sides to unplug.
[Image: plug.png]

Thats it !!!

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  Middleton Dyno Tuning
Posted by: ModchipMan - 23-09-2017, 08:07 PM - Forum: Middleton Dyno Tunning - No Replies

Middleton Dyno Tune, Donn's Race Engines.
Mobile Dyno Tuning - Middleton, SA.
For Fords we use HP Tuners, ForScan and SCT Handheld Flash Units
Engine & Chassis Dyno we use Bowdren Car Care's facility in Albury NSW
AWD Dyno we use HPD's facility in Edwardstown, SA.
Road Dyno 2000m of flat straight with step incline at end

We Specialise in:
Aftermarket & OEM Ford Tuning
Custom Wiring
Haltech Dealer & Tuner
Engine Building

350 Chev 4 Bolt 010 Power Pack Cast heads 460Hp

SR20 mobile tune, 60 to 160kmh in 10secs

SR20 Mobile Tune from the Haltech Dash

Ford BF XR6 Turbo, E85 fuel, 15 PSI boost

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Posted by: admin - 23-09-2017, 07:46 PM - Forum: General Discussion - No Replies

Welcome to the Ford Territory & XR6 Information Group,
Please Introduce your self, and post pictures of your car.

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  Formula: R.P.M, Ratios, Speed
Posted by: ModchipMan - 23-09-2017, 01:28 PM - Forum: Modifications - No Replies

Quick formula for working out Revs Per Minute and Ratios to Road Speed.

eg: at 7,000 Rpm in top gear road speed of 300km/h

First we need to know the tyre circumference in meters:

eg: 275/40 x 20 Tyre and Wheel

work out wheel and tyre diameter first

 Tyre width = 275mm
 Tyre Profile = 40% x 275mm = 110mm
110mm top and bottom of the wheel =220mm
 + the Wheel diameter
(20 inches wheel dia x 25.4 = 508mm)

220 + 508 = 728mm Total wheel diameter.

x Pi (3.14159) to get the circumference = 2287mm divded by 1000 to get to meters = 2.287 meters of tyre circumference on a 275/40 x 20 tyre.

Now the rest is simple.

RPM / Gear Ratio / Diff Ratio x Tyre Circumference x 60 / 1000 = Km/h

RPM divided by Gear Ratio divided by Diff Ratio multiplied by Tyre circumference multiplied by 60 divided by 1000 = Km/h

eg: 2200 rpm / 0.76 gear ratio / 4.10 diff ratio x 2.288 tyre circumference x 60 time / 1000 distance = 96.9 Km/h or
      1000 rpm / 0.76 gear ratio / 4.10 diff ratio x 2.288 tyre circumference x 60 time / 1000 distance = 44 Km/h x 2.2 for 2200 rpm = 96.9

I hope you like this formula, its good for working out speedo change with tyre size change or for racing purposes.

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  M.P.G Formula
Posted by: ModchipMan - 23-09-2017, 12:50 PM - Forum: Workshop - No Replies

Quick formula for working out Miles Per Gallon from litres per 100km.

Kms / Litres x 2.822 = M.P.G

eg: 100Kms divided by 12.5lts multiplied by 2.822 = 22.576 miles per gallon or

550kms for 68.75 litres of fuel.

550 / 68.75 x 2.822 = 22.576 mpg

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  2003 BA Ford Factory Workshop Manual
Posted by: admin - 25-08-2017, 11:50 PM - Forum: Workshop Manuals - No Replies

Ford BA 2003 Factory Workshop Manual
Includes XR6, Turbo and V8

Sections 100-00-1 to 501-32-7


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